Storage Management

Glide says I’m approaching my storage limit, but I can’t find where that limit is utilized.
There are multiple places to check your record limit per app, but nothing about storage.
What methods do you guys use to find where your data is used most?

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It can be images, PDF’s – basically anything your app uploads to Glide and has a Google URL in your data table. There is no way that I know of to test the storage per item.

Hi David. I was about to post a similar question about storage as I can’t seem to find a way to contact Glideapps. In my case, I just got a message that says that my app has reached storage limit. I went in deleted tons of unused items and still nothing. I can no longer use the app. Any ideas how to proceed. I am lost. It’s a softball league and not a business that can afford to pay. I’ve dumped loads of storage and nothing helps.
Thank you.

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If your data source is a Google sheet or excel you might want to look at other tabs that might have things stored on them.

I didn’t want to say while I was out because I was not certain, but I’ve just checked and, although ROWS are per project, file storage is shared between all projects. Make certain there’s no storage being used by other projects in your team.


Yes, storage is between all apps. In my case, I’ve integrated with AirTable, and I ended up having to go there to find where my dad was going.
But it would be nice to know which table or app is eating up your storage.


Thank You, David! I’ll take another look.

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