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Hi all.

Is there anyway to have some text (or image) that sticks to the top (or the bottom) of the screen in Pages?


I have a multisite restaurant where the user selects which restaurant he wants to view.
I save data about the chosen restaurant in a table, but want to make it clear to the user that he is viewing the menu (or other stuff) of Restaurant A that he selected in the first place.

If the user selects another location, the chosen Restaurant should change.
Preferably something sticky in the header that is visible even if the user scrolls down the page.

Cheers Måns

Sticky containers or components are not available natively. However the Business/Entreprise plans offers CSS, so if you are on those plans you can probably use CSS to make containers or components sticky.

Thinh is very familiar with CSS, I’ll let him chime in if he wants to.


Do you have Business/Enterprise plan to be able to use CSS? Otherwise it’s not a native feature.

No I am using PRO version, but then I know what it takes :slight_smile:
THX for the reply!

Cheers Måns


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