CSS for a sticky choice component

Hello Glide friends,

First of all i wish you a beautiful year full of innovations and new projects!

Anyone knows how to keep the choice component on top of screen? like a sticky menu/filter. If it’s impossible with this component, maybe with a simple card horiz list used as menu/filter?

That would be super useful for beautiful UI.

Btw, i’m looking forward to showcase some of my work that found product market-fit with you here soon!

Thanks in advance,

Martin :link:

If you use Classic App, it is easy… with new Apps (pages)… you need to convert whole page to html rich component

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Thanks Uzo.
Even if you put it inside a container component? with css itself?
Just a random idea

Btw, i almost worked with you for some apps last year, finally we chose someone else and got scammed. :sweat_smile: The guy was just benefiting from my business plan or something… Pretending he was making slow progress.

Ohhh!!!.. always be aware of scammers… google them before make deposit!
Are you using classic or pages?

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Yep… Was a naive move.

I use 100% pages for my current projects. (Waiting for some features of classic to be re-added to pages…)

I have 2 apps on classics still… but as we cant duplicate them (use to do that to “save”).

But i admit creating with pages is so much faster now than classic… (the actions recopying nightmare)

Hahaha… no way… classic aps are the best product in the world!!!

So bad that Glide abandon it, instead improve it… but still better than new apps

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Put it in a container and apply the following CSS to the container:

sticky {
  position: -webkit-sticky;
  position: sticky;
  top: 0px;
  z-index: 999;
  margin-top: -90px;

(requires Business plan or higher)


And there you go…@daren is in the house… my solutions are for free plans :wink:

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Hey guys,

Im not free plan for so long im getting upset soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, i think it should be tagged on the profile here… business badge etc… for sales purposes as well…

Thanks Darren :rocket:
Z-index 999 :rofl:

What do you mean?

Your current membership could appear below the pseudonyme… here in the forum.

I’m lost… what do you mean ? :wink:

Your app subscription should show in Glide forum?

Sorry for my english

Lol… no way… hahaha… which app glide will look to give a badges? Imposible…
In Glide you can have many teams… with many apss inside… no mentions multiple accounts lol

I just finished integration to set cookies in Glide… lol. Long time request from my customers!

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Sou novo aqui, poderia me ajudar como fazer isso?

Yes, but this is complicated and only for my paid customers:

Any CSS to remove the line when scrolling down?

Before scrolling down:

After scrolling down:

I assume you would need to use JS Event Listener to get a ScrollY position, so that won’t work here.

The closest alternative might be trying to remove that line altogether, not depending on the position, but I’m not sure that’s what you want.

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