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I don’t have any more tips really. The loading time is better on subsequent attempts to load because Glide has cached the images. On your first try, the device has to load all images presented on the first screen, so it takes more time.

Maybe one tip is to move another tab that has fewer images to the first position on the left.


hmmm… I’ll test this idea! :+1: I didn’t realize the initial screen impacted the time. Thought the app tried to load everything at one.


Having a lot of unused CSS in a file can slow down your application by increasing page load time, file size, rendering time, and memory usage.

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Right. I make sure to keep it clean :+1:

I added a light front page and it works on mobile but on pc, the heavy page still opens first. Is there away to change this?

*Nevermind, I was using an old link :sweat_smile:

**The new front page shaved off 3-5 seconds so that’s progress :raised_hands:
Can i hide the nav bar for this page only?

Yeah, I think you can do that. But does it still load that as the first page? I haven’t tried it.

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How do I remove this part but still have it visible on the other screens?

You need to have class names given to components that only exist on your Home Screen.

ok. I have all the components within a container. The current class is full-container:

.full-container {
height: 100%;
background-color: #000000;

You need CSS to hide the bottom tab bar

If I add:

/* Hide bottom tab bar */
.tab-bar {
  display: none;

Will this work? So far I’ve had no luck.

how are two classes written in here?

full-container, tab-bar
you guys are being cryptic today :rofl:

#page-root:has(.full-container) .has-tab-bar > div:last-child {
display: none;
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this worked! Thanks @Himaladin :blush:

one sec…what would cause it to work in the editor but not on the installed mobile device?

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It’s actually working on my test app but not on my published app… strange.

There may be a time delay problem for publication. Close your builder and reopen, usually works.


I’ll wait a while to see if it kicks in…
When I click “Preview CSS” , it appears to be working but with compiled CSS it is no longer enabled. Is that normal?

Keep the compiled CSS button always in the off position, or you will lose your CSS functionality.

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ooohhh ok!!

Maybe this is why I had trouble getting some CSS to work in the past :sweat_smile:
Strangely, most of our tinkering worked while it was in the “on” position.

Is it working now?

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