Special values not working

Not sure if I read this right but it appears that the automatic update stoped working when editing an entry…Any suggestions?

What do you mean by the “automatic update”? Do you mean setting special values to columns in an edit screen? Do you have a video of the bug in action?

Simple set up - edit screen

Simple set up this used to work…

Result in google sheet date and author are missing but email was updated

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May I know why you are populating the rows in advance and not using a form (instead of an edit form)?

Sure, some of the references are used in other systems, the predefined “key” is more practical than a randomly created key and we need to maintain the syntax…

If the current system works for you, then it’s fine, but here’s my alternative.

  • Create a math column in Glide, write the formula: E*1 with E being the “code” of the question. It will return just the numeric part.

  • In your Users table, create a rollup on top of the column above and get the max number out of it (last question’s numeric ID).

  • Create a math column in your users table, taking the formula L + 1 with L being the max number you retrieved above. This will get you the “next ID”.

  • Use an Excel formula column to combine the the letter “T” with the 4-digit formatted “next ID” using something like text(A1,“0000”) with A1 being the “next ID”.

  • Use the column above to write to the new question row every time someone submits a new question. The only problem you might have is the “racing” condition, so if two people submit at almost the same time then they might have the same “question ID”.

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erm… why not a simple template column? :thinking:

Because the numeric part might be 1, 10, 100 etc and I think it’s more convenient to have that Excel formula to help.

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ah, gotcha :+1:
Saves using an if-then-else column

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:grinning: thanks, the issue is however that the current (documented) approach stoped working…

Looking at the data we can see that first the date and than the email stoped working, probably after Feb 15.

So the question could be, what has changed about 10 days ago…

Happy to report that the problem has been fixed… :rofl: :rofl:


Great to hear!