Sound Alert when Floating button is triggered

I have a floating button that triggers to show a status but would like to play a sound when that floating button is first triggered to screen and shown…I can make it play a sound when I click the button to see the “event” but can’t seem to make it play a sound when it first pops on screen.

I don’t think that’s possible… a lot of people have silent mode on anyways… I know I do


Thanks Eric…

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As an after thought to my “Thanks Eric”…even in silent mode your phone could be set to vibrate as a notification correct? I am trying to find a way to trigger “get attention” of my trader when the alert is received…

At the end of the day, you can only get your users attention if they allow you to.
Vibrations can be killed by enabling Do Not Disturb mode (on iPhone), which is what I do (permanently).

I think the best you can do is trigger a notification, and if your users want to receive it and pay attention to it, they will.

Although, if you’re talking about a floating button, that suggests that you’re working with a Classic App, in which case a (push) notification isn’t an option.

What causes this floating button to appear? If it’s not a user-initiated action, you might be stuck.

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Thanks Darren and yes sir I only referred to the Floating button in the original post and have since completely redone that app in the Pages and am glad I have taken the time to do so. I totally understand the issue with users not wanting any notifications unexpectedly so I will simply push the notification and they will learn to be watchful. As to what triggers the button to appear is when an Admin adds an alert to the table and the count changes and the user has not viewed the latest…

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