Sound notification for application

Im trying to find a way to send notifications both in android and ios but because i have seen other similar questions, i was thinking instead of making a visual notification, to make a sound notification, meaning that every time that we want to notify the user, we can produce at least a sound.
this idea, came to me because i know that glide app are basically a web page and if for example you are watching a video and you close the web browser the sound continues and so maybe its possible to play a sound when the user is not using the app and the app is in the background…

What do you think ?

At the moment, I believe we need a user interaction to make something happen on the device’s side. While your idea is nice, I don’t think it’s doable for now.

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This was a good idea and it got me searching. I found this, could be fun to play around with and give it a try

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haha, I read this OP last night and my immediate thought was it is an awful idea :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’m an old fuddy duddy and I HATE apps that make random noises. I keep my phone permanently on silent mode, so it never makes a single sound.

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To be fair, I find them useful for E-commerce apps when I try to catch some nice deals :sweat_smile:

Other cases, maybe not so much.

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the funny part is that i keep my phone on silent mode too but maybe its one way to give some feedback😅

nice job! but we would have to test if it sounds when you’re not in the app.