Sort by location

I couldn’t find if this has been asked before so apologies if it has, but does anyone know how to sort listings by location? Is this possible?

Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Can try to help here.

What aspect of the location do you want to sort by? City, State, Country? …or proximity? (Proximity could be difficult).

I was hoping to use proximity

Yes this is not possible yet with the map layout. It’s definitely a request I’ve heard before and I’ll make sure it’s on our wishlist.

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Thanks JackVaughan, this would be a game changer and such a powerful element to have.

Bugger eh. Proximity is asking a lot of a PWA methinks given we’re operating on the bleeding edge. For now I’m staying away with even enabling it given some testing I did broke a few design elements.

If we had access to the users location, lat and long, and all of your addresses had those values, you could write a formula to calculate a distance between the one address and the other. I know I did that in the past, most likely in some Python code. Here is an article that shows the VB code you would use for Excel. I’m sure it could be rewritten in Google Script.

Just found this one that uses Google Map services.

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Wow thank you! I will check it out :grinning: