Smartphone API?

Thanks for this really great innovation platform ! You did what I’ve in mind since years !
Is there any smartphone API available/planned, such as GPS or other smartphone integrated functions ?

Being that it is a PWA and not a native app there are limitations, dependent on the OS system creators, as to what they decide to make available to a browser, which is essentially what is being run. As those limitations are lifted I’m sure more of that will be accessible within the app.

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Thanks, what is this PWA and how access to it ?
By the way, does Glide offer an API for people able to make some specific development ? If yes which programming language are proposed/planned ?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application.

There is no API at this point.

Having built an App using Glide, which possibility (even with some restriction) does exist to acces basic smartphone functions such as GPS, sound (volume), microphone, etc ?? … if any, otherwise which “no-code” product does exist for that ? if not do you know if someone is working on that ?

or Bluetooth ?

Of everything you listed the only thing that I know you can do is to see your current location on a map and use video and audio components to play video and sound. That’s it. Glide doesn’t record your location or record audio. Not sure what you are after with Bluetooth. Just turn Bluetooth on or off of the phone if you want to use it.

Does it mean it is impossible to get or set any phone data, except to set on/off bluetooth, is my understanding correct ? Is there any workaround ? or planned features for that ?
For bluetooth, how access this on Glide ?
For map, how is refreshed the current location ? is there something to configure on Glide ?

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to adjust phone settings from an app? Why does an app need access to Bluetooth? No a glide app cannot control Bluetooth settings, but any audio playing from the app will play through Bluetooth is you have it turned in and connected to a Bluetooth device. For maps, they’re is nothing to configure. If you are using a map style list layout, you can view your current location on the map. That is all.

I think you need to clarify what exactly you want to do. It sounds like you want access to the deep internal settings of the OS. I highly doubt that will ever be an option.

Yes sure, would it be for example possible to fetch our own GPS position, our own Bluetooth Address and Bluetooth Address of the smartphone we are connected ? or in short, to know with who we are connected with Bluetooth and where we are ? same question with WiFi, as well as access to Contacts the App is running, and the possibilty to fetch some specific (use of filter) SMS/email and send SMS/email.

Short answer, no that’s not possible. The only thing you can do is see your position on a map, but the app itself cannot access or use your location.