Smaller Image for 2 Tile Inline List


I have a two tile inline list and the images are huge! Four tiles across makes them too small and three leaves one by itself. I know about adding the white space around them will shrink the size, but I am also trying not to have so much white space around each image. Is there no solution to this, or an I missing something?

Hola @Jen_NYCP,

Have you tried lowering the ratio of the inline image holder. Maybe 4:3 or any of the small ones the tiles inline allow you?

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I did that and it cuts the images off, butt now thinking I can add that extra white space and it will cut into that rather than the image. I will try this. Thanks!

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You can use a cloudinary template column to add padding to all the images dynamically.


I see Cloudinary mentioned a lot. Is it similar to NiftyImages where you can manipulate images?

What are some ways to use it? Never really thought of this before.


You can start from here: Cloudinary: Image Filters and Overlays in Glide!


I had like four images for this column, but thinking this may work to add rounded corners to my business directory images?