Single sign-on

How do I get SSO on an account?
In the pricing table no plans have that feature ticked.

Might be a question for @DJP .

Thanks for pointing this out! We do not have SSO available on any plan yet. This line previously showed an ETA for the Enterprise plan.

Do you have a specific provider in mind?

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I have a case, I would like to integrate TokenPass and their cryptowallet (for Web3 Auth) and SSO with their network. Do you think I can use Glide API connection for it?
TokenPass is a global accounts (OAuth) service powering the Tokenly ecosystem.

They offer API

“To obtain an API key pair for your application, simply head to, create an account and go to the “API Keys” section. You will then be asked to enter in a name for your client application, your app homepage URL, as well as a callback URL for OAuth requests (e.g”

Thanks, in advance, for the reply,

Hi, Fabrizio!

Glide focuses on serving use cases for business customers. Given that, we are not likely to support crypto wallets as SSO providers for the foreseeable future.

As an example, Okta is an SSO provider that would be prioritized.

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HI @DJP thanks for the reply, but let me give you more information (apologizes for the previous short message):

I am currently working on the OpenExO communtiy game (Game stands for the Octalysis gamification approach) on Glide. OpenExO ( The Community Game is a large test to engage the current community of +17.000 business coaches, consultants and mentors all over the world. The goal of the OpenExO network is to teach/support companies to develop 10X growth strategies, and I am sure you heard about them and their customers.

So, the platform now is moving from web 2.0 to web 3.0, from the authentication point of view it means from Social authentication to Web 3 authentication (ExO Pass), and the protocol they are using is the Tokenly.

The reason for the long message, is to explain the main difference between wallet and web 3.0 auth :slight_smile: and, very soon, more business opportunities will move from 2.0 > 3.0 Auth.

But why it is relevant to you? The next step in the OpenExO integration (with Glide) is to move the learning area (you can check the different courses/learning areas in “Certifications”) in the “so called” Season 2 of the Community Game and bring more people into the game. A mandatory step is the integration of the authentication. This was the reason of the message :slight_smile:

Have a great day