Simple solutions make me happy

I am staying at a house in Greece.
The owner sent a spreadsheet with all the beaches in the neighborhood. Even with lattitude, longitude info.
As you understand, it didnt take long to make a beaches app! Added some pictures and Google Maps links and what a handy thing for other upcoming tourists!


And that is the beautiful simplicity of glide.

I do exactly the same when I come across something like that - withing a couple of hours I have an app (I can’t just build something basic it always has to gave a few nice features)

Sad but true.

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I just added ‘If no image’ 'show ‘image picker’ and will keep on adding untill I leave :wink:

I guess now you’ll have to make a point of visiting every single beach so that the image library is complete :wink:

To be honest, that’s what I was planning to :wink: But, if there is no image I now show a generated image and show the image picker so other people can help finish. I now have 9 of 19 beaches covered :wink: