Simple balance sheet not working

Good morning
I am trying to make a simple balance sheet.
The columns are: debit . credit . balance . balance .
They are not working because in the balance column it does not keep the amount that happens to come from the debit and credit.
It would be very helpful and thank you in advance if you could please tell me or guide me how to do it.
Thanks again.

Is the first balance column your previous rows final balance? How are you calculating the balance?

thank you for your interest and help.
Here is a screenshot


to calculate the balance I use the credit column when amounts come in and I use the debit column when amounts go out.
This is not reflected in the balance column, as the correct balance does not remain.

Can you explain what you mean when you say it’s not keeping the balance amount? I see an amount in your screenshot which matches the math that you set up to calculate the balance. It’s calculating that balance in real time for that row only. What do you expect to happen?

I am uploading a short video to youtube, in a while I will send you the link so you can see it.

It’s working how your have it set up. Subtracting debits from credits gives you the difference between those two numbers as that’s how you have the math set up. A-B=C

I guess I’m not clear on what you are expecting to happen? You entered credits of 100, 200, and 300, but that doesn’t equal 600. It equals 300, because you overwrote it and that’s the last value you put in that cell. Math columns are constantly calculating in real time based on the inputs you give it.

So what I’m trying to understand is what you are expecting. Based on your video it’s working correctly based on how you have it set up. If you are expecting something different, then you’ll have to explain what it is that you are expecting to happen. Are you planning to keep a log of all transactions, or is it just going to just be one row? If it’s bonky one row, then you should have another balance column that’s a number column and add it’s value in with you math column. Once you enter your credits and debits, you’ll need a button to write that calculated balance to the number column balance. Then it’ll be ready for the next entry.


Well, what I’m waiting for is for the balance sheet to show the amount that is
the balance sheet to show the amount that is left over as a function of the
the values that are added in the credit or subtracted in the debit.

For example:

If I have 100 in the balance
when I add 100 in credit
the balance should be 200

If I have 200 in the balance sheet
when I subtract 50 from the debit
the balance should be 150

If the balance is 150
when I add 100 of credit
the balance should be 250

This is not happening

Note: Yes, it is as you say, I need to keep the records in a single row.
in a single row.
From what you indicate, it seems to be possible

Thanks again

That’s what I thought you mean, but that’s not how it works. If you had 100 credit and you added 200, then you would have to type in 300. The math column doesn’t know what you intended. All it knows is that it has a current credit value - the current debit value.

Like I said, you’ll have to have a second balance column to store the balance, then make that stored balance part of your math Balance+Credit-Debit. A button action can then save that result into the second balance column.

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Ok, I’ll get to work on your suggestion.
As soon as I do, I’ll let you know how it turns out or if I have any doubts, I’ll get back to you.
Thank you very much!

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