How to auto-calculate one of the 2 fields - amount and balance - to update based on the value in another

I am new to glide and I am trying to create an expense tracker for my personal use, just to get off the ground with a real project.

I have the following columns:
date, amount,balance, category.

When I enter the amount, I want the balance to be updated by taking the previous balance (from the previous row). Sometimes, I just want to enter the balance and want an entry made for the amount.

Should I create balance as an explicit column in my table (and a typical excel formula to take the previous row value and subtract the amount to get the value for current row) , or should I use a calculated field (something like a running calculation in DB terms) - any guidance or pointers would be appreciated.

So do you have a Users table and an Expenses table, and want to show a live balance to the user?

I am sorry for the delay in responding - yes, i have these 2 tables and want to show a live balance to the user, ideally as he enters each transaction

Maybe a spreadsheet of the end result you’d like could help?

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Assuming you store the amounts in the same column (positive and negative, accordingly), it would just be a rollup on top of a relation to sum that column, but as Xavier said, we might have a better recommendation if you show us your data structure.

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Here is a screenshot from the google sheets I am using. When the user enters the amount, the balance should be displayed to him - here when he enters 200, he should see the closing balance as 19,300 by taking the opening balance of 19500 (from the previous entry) and deducting the 200.