Sign-up Feature in App: Greying out Button

Hi I have question about greying out a button. Here is the scenario:

App is given to group of end users. We offer those users projects they can sign up for. I would like a signup button that after its clicked, it’s greyed out and maybe the title of the project changes to say you have signed up.

I did some research and some suggested doing a button group where one disappears (using visibility filter) and the other w/ CSS for greyed out button takes it places.


To build the user experience with components (screen elements) changing based on data in a table, which itself changes because of user behavior: apply visibility conditions on components (buttons, hint text, text, etc.).

To change the look of native components: apply CSS.

I would build out the logic with the data and visibility conditions first, the look with CSS second.

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You can replace the button with a different text or Icon or no text if the condition is not met.

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