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I have the following scenario:

  1. Glide Pages
  2. Privacy Sign-in: none
  3. A few onboarding pages where I collect data in a working table in USCs (session personalized data)
  4. Final page of onboarding: text entry form where I ask for email address
  5. Final page of onboarding: button with action whose last step is sign-in

I was hoping to see the sign-up/in page, get users to sign-up, and then send the data from the working table to the users table.

Two questions:

  • The sign-in action doesn’t seem to work in Pages (oops :joy:). The button component does not display in Pages if a sign-in action is associated to it. It seems to work in Apps. Known issue?
  • Has someone successfully set this up in Pages, ie. a sign-up after an onboarding funnel?

I haven’t done this but I would assume I will use the same flow as you, except the 4th step (I’m not sure why you want the email address at that step since it will be automatically added anyway).

If the Sign-in action does not work then I would submit it to the support team for a review.

My thinking was having the user submit their email address to the working table (on the same row as the other data they submitted during the onboarding funnel), the sign-up/in would add the same email address (hopefully) to the user sheet, and I would create a relation with the email address to put the data from the onboarding funnel to the user sheet.

Without the sign-in action, I cannot test this anyway. :sweat_smile: I’ll see with Santiago.

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Some related discussion:

The above thread is specific to an app, but I’d expect it wouldn’t be much different for pages.

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