Side by side buttons using CSS. Doesn't work in Safari, help needed

I can’t figure out why in Safari it is impossible to put three buttons in a row.
Please tell me what should be the css code?
Additional question: for some reason the buttons become inactive if you add text. below
App -
I am currently using the following code:

.fZlvaI {
width: 33.33%;
float: left;
.kmCjyN {
display: unset;
[data-test=“app-button-view”] {
margin: 6px;

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Are those the same class names that are rendered on a safari browser?

I’m not sure if I chose the right classes, as I don’t know much about the code

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@Vladimir_Zambakhidze do you need the buttons to do different things? If not you could consider using an inline list with tiles.

Take a look here for inspiration:

Thanks. That won’t work for me. I want to put an action “Increment” on each button, while the data source for “Increment” will be different

I used the method suggested by @Robert_Petitto r here Multirow Choice Component (aka Chips UI)