CSS Entry Fields on same line? Is it possible?

@ThinhDinh , @Robert_Petitto, @Jeff_Hager . Do either of you know if it is possible to use CSS to take data entry fields and instead of them having their own line put 3 or more on the same line and make the field length shorter?

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Could def make them shorter, but prob not on their own lines… cant change The html where it’s one div per component

I know I’ve ran into issues with items contained within separate DIV tags. I think it was when I was trying to manipulate the number of columns in an inline list. I think I’ve seen examples (or rather, attempts) of buttons being placed next to each other before we had the button bar, but I’m not sure how well that went or if anybody achieved a good example. I assume other components would work the same, but would probably take some ugly css manipulation and positioning to get it to work right on all device OS’s, browsers, screen sizes.


Thank you guys for the response. I didn’t think it would be possible but I figured before I went down that rabbit hole I would ask the best. Thanks again.

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That will be another app I have to build in Adalo… :frowning:

Yeah, with the exception of my calendar app, I try to keep any CSS to a bare minimum. Just slight alterations to component appearance. Too much and it starts to become a headache with all the extra testing, and then adding or removing other components might throw things out of whack, or glide makes a change that causes the CSS to stop working.

I agree.
I use CSS mainly for RTL alignment, BG and LOGO.
Try to keep to minumum

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I can’t wait for us to do this natively in glide. have so many use cases for that.

also, general ability to design entry fields will be great like shortening the lengh and center/right/left position on screen or number entry with +/- small buttons on each side of thr entry field…

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As people have pointed out, I don’t think we can do this now but would love it, for example to have an address input where I split it in multiple fields.

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