Show that the user is filling a set collection

Problem: I am trying to make an online selfie-book Collection
and a bit stumped

How it’t supposed to work:

There is a list of Surfer Pros that people can take selfies with.
They must go through the list list of and upload a selfie until they are all complete

I need to be able to have a leaderboard, so I need to know who has filled the Pro Selfies collectio

I have done the following with 2 tables

Table “SelfieStickerDudes“ had a list of all the Surfer Pros that they must take Selfies with

Table “SelfiePosts“ is a tables of all the Selfie posts with relations to User and “SelfieStickerDudes“

2 Scenarios I have tried

  1. I add a Collection view of “SelfiePosts“ in the detail view of “SelfieStickerDudes“ which filters only posts from my Id. However I don’t know how to get a count posts that only my user created. ie. I want to found how how many selected “Pros” I have taken taken selfies with? I can’t find a way to filter the posts based on my ID.

  2. I can click into “SelfieStickerDudes“ then click Add, which would then to a “Users” array in “SelfieStickerDudes“ where I would add users to as they took a selfie. However I don’t know how to upload an image with “SelfiePosts“ and do an add to Array at the same time?

Hope this makes sense?

Here is a video

I can’t believe I am so stuck, it seems simple

Solved it with Query… amazing how you figure out the solution, when typing the problem :wink:

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hehe, yes. I’ve done that many times myself.

Often, when I get stuck or bogged down with a particularly complex Glide problem, I’ll stop and start writing down everything I know about it. I start with the end goal, and then work my way backwards listing all the things that need to happen along the way. All the things that need to be checked, all the things that need to be set. I try and think of all the ways it could break, and make a note of those. Usually, by the time I’m done I have clear picture in my mind of the solution, and exactly what I need to do to get there.

There is a term for this, it’s called “The Teddy Bear Effect” :slight_smile:


Thank @Darren_Murphy

Never heard of of the Teddy Bear Effect :bear: thanks or sharing

I think Einstein nailed it too: " If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions* .”"

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