Show Source Sheet persistently

I have several tabs with similar data, pulling from a number of sheets. When building my app, I find myself having to check which sheet I’m pulling from way too often. Clearly, the problem lies with me.

However, it would be great if some future version of the IDE made use of all that empty screen space on either side of the phone emulation. In a perfect world (some day) I’d be able to float different components of the IDE to where I like em. I’ve made a mockup.

But what I’d really like to see (in descending order of importance):

  • the SOURCE Sheet for current view of the app.
  • PLAY mode / SELECT mode toggle closer to the place I need them (upper right)
  • a list of all DATA tab names, preferably with direct links to those tabs

Not complaining… just suggesting.

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Hello!, here you can see some of what is new in Glide. regards