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I’m sure this will be something really obvious…

I have two apps set up the same way. One gives me the option to ‘show filter’ and an in-app filter. The other one only gives me the option to add an in-app filter. I want to use the first type in both apps because it shows the number occurrences of each item (the in-app filter does not). Being able to see how many there are of each item in a filter is really helpful.





I believe “in-app filter” has replaced the “show filter” option and you probably only see “show filter” because you had it set up prior to the new version being rolled out.

As soon as you remove the option in the “show filter” selection it will likely disappear altogether.

I’m not sure how you would get the count of your filter options via in-app filter…maybe someone else has an idea


I guess there’s something in the way the in-app filter works that means a count is not possible. I could make a custom filter but from a UI point of view it won’t slot nicely into the same row

I’m sure it’s possible, Glide just haven’t gotten around to adding it yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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