Show Entire Row Data in an Inline List

I apologize because this seems pretty straightforward but I am totally drawing a blank here:

I need to show the data from an entire row in an inline list but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to do it. I’ve tried using the Single Value Whole Row function but it’s only showing one item at a time. Please help!

Do you mean that you want to see every single column displayed for each item on a list? You could create a template column that joins every column value together.

Yeah. I need all of these columns (below) to show in an inline list

…but multiple times due to multiple different medications

Just to be clear…you want all columns joined and visible on each list item, or all columns as their own individual list item?

I need it to look like this:


Would a Basic Table component do what you need?

It absolutely would but it appears that I would need to create a new table for every medication - and every indication that goes along with it - which is almost 50 instances. Not only that, it’s only pulling data from the very first row of that table. I apologize @Jeff_Hager but my brain is OFF today :man_facepalming:

OK, so you do in fact want to join all the columns together into one list item. That’s what I needed clarification on. Your details view is only attached to a single row, so yes, a basic table is only going to show data from a single row.

The short answer is that what you want isn’t natively possible with glide. Something like this would probably take some experimentation, but I think it may be possible with an inline list combined with a template column that joins all columns together, and some CSS to force proper wrapping of your template column. There is some potential information on wrapping in these posts. They are geared towards a basic table as opposed to an inline list, but maybe it’s possible to adapt. I’m not sure though.

Ideally, what you need is a combination of Swipe style card, which lets you put multiple components on each card, combines with one of the other list styles (like the standard list or the card style list). You could experiment with an inline list and CSS, or go straight for the Swipe Style layout. If you use the swipe style, just be sure to have a user specific date column so the swipe can fill a date instead of overwriting any of your other columns.


Thanks Jeff. I’ll give those a shot!

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