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Let’s say I have a Kanban board with deliveries for 5 drivers. For driver #1, I only want him to see his deliveries already assigned to him. I tried to filter Assigned Driver by Assigned Driver, but that didn’t seem to work. How can I accomplish this?


It looks like you are comparing the Assigned Driver column to itself, so it’s always going match itself. You should be comparing the Assigned Driver to ‘Signed In User’, or some value from ‘User Profile’.

Also, your filter is full of OR conditions, meaning only 1 of your 6 conditions needs to be true for a row to be included. You’ll have to re-evaluate your filters or use a relation, or move all of that logic into the table, so you only need one filter.

Ah I get what you mean by the filters. However, I am unsure how to accomplish this. My Accounts table has all of my accounts with a column for Unassigned or Assigned.

Would I need another table for only my Unassigned accounts and use that as my source for my Kanban? And if so, what type of column would I use to accomplish this?

How would I use a relation in this case?

Is there any other way aside from filter to have the Kanban show unique results for each driver?

You might have to first explain your filter logic. How is it supposed to work? I assume the Assigned values would ask be OR conditions, but do the last two filters need to be true (so an AND condition)?

What I’m trying to show in the Kanban is all of the Unassigned Accounts that are owned by each driver.

In my Accounts table, I have an “ASSIGNED” column that produces empty, Assigned or Unassigned values. So as a failsafe, I created filters where ASSIGNED = empty or Unassigned so that’s why I set up the filters that way. But I can probably remove the empty filter by making sure new accounts are always Unassigned.
Assigned to me = Assigned once someone clicks a button and assigns it to themselves.

Last pickup date also can’t be empty so again I did it as a failsafe, but I can solve this if I set this to Current date/time when someone adds a new account. So this filter can be removed.

So that leaves me with Unassigned. I only want Unassigned accounts that are owned by each driver to show up in that Kanban. I can create a filter for Assigned Driver = Name, but how do I make sure only Unassigned accounts show up there? I would think create a separate table somehow, but I’m not sure how to structure that separate table so that only Unassigned accounts flow in.

Why not change the filter to say (Assigned is not ‘Assigned’) if all you care about is rows that don’t have a value of ‘Assigned’, regardless if it’s empty, unassigned, or whatever else you may have in that column. That would knock your filter down to 3 conditions and I would think you can change it from a OR to an AND.



That worked perfectly. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that but thank you!

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