Several questions

Hi there!
I have several questions “how to”:

  1. How do I get a red dot notification on the screen icon? (screen attached).
  2. How to set up a normal date display? (screen attached).
  3. How to make an active icon on the screen? Purpose: When the icon is clicked, the user navigates to the form. (screen attached).


Quick reply

  1. You can’t put a red dot on a tab.

  2. Date & Time Column - Glide Library also the are several posts on this forum to read just search ‘ Date format’ you will find the answer :+1:

  3. Create an image as your icon, add an action to the image so when you click it opens a form. Single Actions - Glide Library


Thanks for answer!
Can i ask you yet?

  • How to get a link to a user profile?
  • How to do button for delete?
  1. You can find out about user profiles here

Think about using actions to navigate and allow users to ‘do things’

  1. Delete button not possible at the moment but coming soon :crossed_fingers:

Here is more information about the current delete function