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I have a question about how some of you would handle this situation…

Let’s assume you have a piece of documentation that is passed through different people within an organisation. Now this documentation can take up to 3 paths depending on the type of Job that needs to be performed (Service request). These 3 paths are different in the sense that path 1 may be longer than both path 2 and path 3 in that it may need to pass through the invoice clerk while for path 3 the invoice clerk is not necessary because the client would be paying cash…

At every point of exchange, there is a button press that takes place and a passcode entered into the system to authorise or confirm the exchange and along with this exchange the time stamp is recorded.
Now I need to create a time graph of the path because I would like to display which phase of the path took longer. This is some type of performance metric and would help the client understand which point is responsible for the delay if there is any delay…

How do I go about calculating this time difference between the stages when in some cases the “if then else” column which I use to give the status update of the document is empty. For example, when the document is passed from the clerk to the invoice clerk, a Boolean is checked and then an if then else column would then give an update to say the document is with the Invoice Clerk and also the timestamp is recorded. For some paths, some of these Booleans will not be checked and therefore I struggle to think of how to handle that situation in order to give the amount of time the document spent at each stage :cold_sweat:

I hope what I wrote makes sense because I feel like it’s quite a lot even as I write it so I am not sure I was able to properly articulate myself. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated

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I see this scenario in which we need two support tables: the path table and the job table.
For each path there is a list of jobs to be performed; so I have an array of jobs in a path.
By advancing from element 0 of the array, up to the last element we will be able to calculate the duration time for each phase.

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Sorry for the really concise explanation, if you want and if you need it, add me to your test team and I’ll transfer this example to you.

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Hi @Roldy,

Thank you so much for this.
I think this will work out perfectly. I will try it out and let you know how it works out on my end and if I struggle, I hope I can still take you up on your offer to add you to the test team…
I really appreciate you taking the time to work on this…:pray:

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I did it happily, also because something like this, sooner or later, will help me too. So I had the pleasure of experimenting. :+1:

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