Send Formula with Glideapps Forms

Hi All,

New to the community I had a thorough check of the forums and there is so much to take into, lots of ideas, one can really get stuck with putting more and more features in the app. One thing I was not able to figure out is how I can transfer an easy formula like this =D1Lvl_Points!$F$2 with a glideapps form. The following formula for the next entry would be =D2Lvl_Points!$F$2 and =D3*Lvl_Points!$F$2 and so on.

Say someone is posting terms on a freelancers project in an app and receives points for posting. Now I can easily transfer a number of days (D1, D2 or D3) and multiply with a static field (Points!$F$2) to sum up the project points one can receive. These points will than be transfered to the posters profile.

But as things stand I have to manually copy the formula =Dn*Lvl_Points!$F$2 to the column???

Thanks for any hints, ideas…


You can use a math column inside Glide to multiply your Day to a fixed number.

Hi, thanks for your thoughts on this. But again, user uses Glide Form to post a project, which adds a row in the sheet. Now I need that specific formula to be send with D+1 wheras D is the column. Is this possible inside the data editor? how please?

The formula will be applied across all rows, if you don’t need to see it in the sheet then you can use my suggestion.


thanks thus far. Yes the maths does the job but there is no way to relate to the static which is in another tab of the sheet? Lvl_Points!$F$2 -> Lvl_Points is not on the same tab.


You can bring that over using a Single Value column, or if you don’t ever plan to change it then just pass that value straight into the formula.

As in Days * 300.