Send email not working on mobile

I have a public page that collects a form data from website visitors on Google sheet, then using the Google App Script, sends data off to GPT. The resulting output from GPT is turned into a PDF and a link to that PDF is saved on Google Sheets.

I want a button when clicked, the user sees the PDF document. I tried to link it to “Compose Email” function but it doesn’t seem to work on Mobile (says “sent” but nothing comes up. Works on desktops). I am on the free plan so I am assuming Send Email is not available for me.

Also have to click on the links multiple times because Glide data isn’t syncing fast enough to show the PDF?

Thank you!

Have you tried the new integrations? Sounds like it can be configured some what like this with an on-submit action:

  • Send a prompt to OpenAI (assuming that is what you meant by GPT) and receive a result in a new column, let’s call it “GPT Result”.

  • Wait for condition module to make sure the “GPT Result” column is not empty.

  • PDFMonkey module to send the “GPT Result” value and get a PDF URL back in a “PDF URL” column.

  • Wait for condition module to make sure the “PDF URL” column is not empty.

  • Send email action to send an email with the “PDF URL” value tied to the body.

I’m not entirely sure if those are all available for you on a free plan, just wanna give some ideas.

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Thank you! I ended up using as the option that is available to me, in a similar flow to what you set out ThinhDinh so thank you

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