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Hi Gliders,
Thanks for sharing and helping us beginners out. I am running into a problem where I have created options for users to select “role” from a dropdown. You would think pretty easy and straightforward, but none of my users, especially those outside the US are able to select role for it to save in the database. I have deleted the role table severally to see if there is a bug I can clear but strangely, it is not saving “role” for anyone. It is, however, saving on all my own devices but not for anyone else. To add, I have another choice “institution type” which users select and it saves, but not “role.” I appreciate any suggestions. Let me know if I need to post screen shots. Thanks.

I think you are experiencing the following

One workaround is to delegate the responsibility to a 3rd party like Make/ Zapier another is to use the Call API column from Glide.

Alternatively, if it’s a small Userbase, you could fill in the roles manually.


OMG!!!..I think you just saved me HOURS of headache. I wish I had asked earlier. I now really see the wisdom in that. Thanks so much Eric…Go Gliders!

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My pleasure. Glad I could help!

Go Glide :beers:

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