Select a date range

Is there a way to select a date range within the calendar or date column to calculate spending within that date range?

For example, lets say that I have an inline list with two years of spending data. I check-marked each day that I used uber as my transportation because I want to know how much I have been spending on uber services at any given time (date range).

Lets say I want to know how much I spent on uber from January 1 to January 14 of 2019. i want to be able to easily choose the desired date range. Then I want to display my desired date range as an inline list.
Each uber ride costs me the same amount because it is the exact same route every time I use it (lets say $35). So each checkmark equals $35.
I would like to calculate the total amount spent from a chosen start date to end date.

Thank you.

Sounds like the predicament I’m in. I haven’t found a good way to do this entirely within glide. Being able to add conditions to a relation so we can perform a rollup would be ideal.

Never got much traction on this request. I also haven’t formally created a feature request myself, but this one is pretty closely related.