Segmented choice - tap on and off

I need 5 options in a segmented choice bar but only 4 are available if it’s set to ‘not required’. Could there be an option to tap the selection again to clear it, rather than having one of the spaces taken up by the minus/reset button? Seems a waste of space having that take up a slot.

Good idea. If you need something now, you could create an Action Text or Rich Text with an action to clear the selection.


Thanks but wouldn’t that require the choice bar to be set to ‘required’ to get all 5 slots on there? I have 10 choice bars and it’s up to the user which ones they complete so they are all set to not required. Also, with 10 choice bars, having an extra row for each with a clear button might be too much clutter on the screen?

Having a segmented choice bar that could scroll horizontally would be good too.

Yes, you would set the choice bar to required to get all 5 slots, but if a user selects a choice and then clicks on ‘Clear Selection’, it would clear the underlying value, or you could set it to some other value that would not be in the list of choices, and the choice would not have anything selected.

Yes with 10 choice bars, this may be overkill to have 10 clears as well.

This leads me to a question. Are you trying to do this in a form or on a details screen? A form might be tricky since it activates or deactivates the submit button. Personally, I would create a custom form as they give you a lot more control and something like this would work a little better. In a custom form you could definitely even create a single button that clears all 10 of the choices at once.

Either way is probably not ideal for you, but figured I’d offer the suggestion if it helps.

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That looks great, I’ll definitely give that method a go. Yes, my app is using forms to enter assessment results. Cheers

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