See how many people favorited/liked a post

Is there a way for the ADMIN to see how many people reacted to a post? For example gave a thumbs down or thumbs up - or just pressed the favorite button? I know it’s now possible to show it on the users side - but maybe for the admin in the data show or somehow track that?

That’s related to rollups on user-specific data, which is not available as of now.

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I would like to implement something similar:

Would this be possible by adding a button on each tile that allows the Set Column Values ​​action?

Set column values: true or something like that. Adding the names of the users who have pressed the button ??

You can’t do it with the Favourite component, as that doesn’t support actions.

So you would need to replace that with a button. And then yes, it’s possible.

Check the below video:


Thanks so much @Darren_Murphy !! :grinning: :grinning:

I saw the video of Trebuchet Method but, how can i put this bottom on every tile ??
I mean, i want a button on every tile, and the action of this button make the Trebuchet method.

Thanks in advance

possible way - is put action on show detail. and write in new column “count like” +1 or -1 depend on favorite.
keep in mind also put a mark, that such action was done once (depend on favorites). otherwise several click on detail - can nullify all like.

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Thanks for your help @user19 . I’ve tried with the show detail screen but i prefer on the screen i show above, cause i think it’s a better way. Thanks !! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: