Security impact of using Row ID in app

I am working on a project where users can send credits to other users in the app.
I am currently using the Glide Row ID of the user’s table to identify the counterparty of these transactions. So the Row ID of a user is visible in the app for others users. I assume that the user row ID is probably also used internally by glide as a user identifier.
I was wondering if showing the row ID number in the app would compromise the security of my application. So does it become easier for a hacker to impersonate another user if he has public access to all user row ids?

If you’re concerned about User Security, then you really should be using Row Owners, in which case the RowID’s in your Users table wouldn’t even be accessible to other users.

I’d suggest taking a look at the below tutorial:

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We do not use Row ID to identify users internally.


Thanks, very helpfull

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