Search bar having problem

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Please I would like to seek help for my app as it is experiencing difficulties to input texts in the search bar from the mobile phone. The characters seems slow in response and caused incorrect input most of the time.

For instance, if i were to input Arkham Horror in the search bar, it will show as ArkArkham and when i backspace to remove the texts, it will change to ARkarkark instead of removing the texts.

However, there’s no issue if I input texts in the search bar from the Web.

My app currently has 4,021 rows and not sure if this is the cause.

Please enlighten.


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Same bug.

I have the same problem. Search bar is so slow ans does not work correctly

Any answer from Glide??


The same problem occurs in the Glide.Apps app on iOS and Android, and the Google Chrome browser. Input from the Japanese keyboard does not work properly when inputting search characters. Do you need any settings? please tell me.

I have the same problem In Japanese keyboard.