Scratching My Head Again - How do I have data in 1 spreadsheet automatically update the data in a 2nd spreadsheet please

Gidday All,
Thank you to all who have been assisting me with various troubleshooting aspects I’ve come across in developing some apps as a beginner.

Okay, here I go again. I have 1 final step in an app I’ve been building for a friend and apologies in advance however got lost in my research in trying to resolve this step.

Basically the app is a budget app. I have calculation and roll up columns based on the monthly amount/s (and have now successfully been able to show the calculated columns in the preview of the app and these columns will update accordingly if the monthly amount for the line item (row item) is updated. Yea!!!

However, I also have included a 2nd spreadsheet called Grand totals which gives, the budget, income and savings totals broken down as per the budget.

Grand Totals Budget Snapshot:

If I update a budget item (row) item, it automatically updates this item in the budget spreadsheet including totals. However, I for the life of me cannot figure out how I can then get the budget spreadsheet to automatically update the budget grand total figures in the grand totals spreadsheet. This being so that my friend only has to put in 1 figure and both spreadsheets automatically updated.

I’ve tried including a relationship column in both spreadsheets, no joy. I have also tried including a single value colmun in both spreadsheets - again no joy.

Grand Totals Spreadshet Single Value Column.jpeg

Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sure it is simple - once I know how.

Many thanks in advance. This is the final step for this specific app that I’m hoping to include so my friend only has to update a budget item once and it updates in both sections for her.

I couldn’t include the grand totals - 3 rows in the main spreadsheet because if I included in the month column it would literally double the monthly/fortnightly/weekly/annual totals in the app.

Should I be using if then or else type scenario to get the figures to automatically update in the grand totals spreadsheet. A feature I understand in Glide however am rather confused on how to use. Or should it be some type of action thing to create the automatic update in the Grand Totals sheet please?

I have tried setting up a specific action via the advanced actions section in both spreadsheets however this hasn’t worked either.

Hence, I’m rather lost at what next to do.

Many thanks in advance for your support and assistance re this matter - very greatly appreciated.

Can you show us how many tables you have at the moment? Do you have User Profiles enabled? I think it can be simplified a bit based on how you have your tables configured.

Once you get it sort out, relations + rollups should be enough.

Hi ThinDinh,
Many thanks for your reply. I have the following:

Number of Glide Tables 3 (one is Admin which I think was automatically generated when I became a team member.)

In the Budget table there are 27 rows and the following columns:


In the app these columns work as expected and will immediately change values once an amount is updated for a row based on the month. So far so good.

In the Grand Totals table there are 3 rows and and the following columns:
Screenshot 2023-10-17 115252

It is the Grand Totals table that I cannot get the Month total to update automatically when the Budget table is updated.

I did try to have the Grand Totals as rows 28, 29 & 30 in the Budget Table however because of the roll up columns in the budget table, this then put the amounts out of whack.

I also tried creating separate columns for each grand total in the budget table however again this did not work properly because the relevant fields i.e. specific images were missing and made the individual budget row items unwieldy and confusing.

I also tried creating single value columns in the budget tables for the 3 rows in the grand totals columns however again could not get the grand total table to automatically update based on what was inputted for a specific row in the budget table.

I also tried setting the grand tables source to the budget table however again I could not get this to work properly as it showed the budget table row items rather than the grand total row items in the layout view.

I also tried an importrange and set up the google sheet specifically for the grand totals table however this also didn’t work as I think that one has to have both tables in Google sheets and quite frankly I don’t like google sheets anyway. (Not to mention once the sheet is upload to the app one cannot easily delete the sheet from the app which is a complete pain. I think because Google hold the sheet for 30 days when the sheet is moved to trash bin in their system.)


There are 2 users - the owner of the app and me as team member.

I’m trying to get the Grand Totals table read the actual Budget table for it’s specfic row without success.

Many thanks in advance for your ideas and strategies. Very greatley appreciated.