Santa's Puzzle Christmas App

Hello again fellow Gliders. I made a fun puzzle app that I wanted to share with you guys. I didn’t think it would get accepted as a template primarily because the Sheets were wonky. But it was approved. I posted it on the XMAS forum page but here it is for those of you that haven’t gotten a chance to play with it.

Also, I have a contest going with this app. I hid 4 numbers within the app (not the sheets). Whoever finds those numbers 1st will get a app of their choosing made by me, no cost, no strings attached and my name will have no association with the product, it will be all yours. Some of you may not want that :frowning:

But nonetheless it’s an opportunity. Oh, and check everything…


Just a quick heads up. No one has found these numbers or submitted any attempt at these numbers. This contest will end on January 15th!!!

It’s a free app of your choosing!!! :star_struck:

Such an innovative app! :clap:t5:

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Thank you, your too kind :flushed:

Here’s a hint if you haven’t noticed. Almost every picture in the app has a hidden puzzle. There’s puzzles in puzzles in puzzles.

And aside from the grand prize of me building someone an app of their choosing, as you unlock parts of the app it unlocks christmas stories to share with your kids, full color books :slight_smile: