Salon Marketplace App

Hey guys! I wanted to finally share my app that I’ve been working on for several months since I’ll be launching in August!

First, I am a hair stylist with no tech or even google sheet experience until coming to Glide.
I have been able to build this app from scratch with the help of everyone in the glide community especially @Jeff_Hager @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @DarrenHumphries @gvalero

And @eltintero at Lowcode for building my subscriptions using Payhere, and automating my short links to share profiles - using

VERVERY is a salon marketplace app that allows people to find their ideal salon or stylist based on their specific wants and needs. I already have 40 paid subscribers waiting for launch and I’m so excited :smiley:

Please check it out and let me know what you think or add any suggestions! Thanks!


Well done, Katelyn! The app looks great! Looking forward to hearing how the launch goes!

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Looks great!

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Soooo happy to see the traction you’re getting and rooting for you!

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