Row Owner & Unique ID Dissappear

Sorry for another Newbie issue!!

I created a simple solution with a company list. I then want to add security so in the “Add” form, on submit, I tell it to create a unique ID and put the current user’s email into the owner email column.

This worked fine until I switched on the security and made that email column the row owner. I can see my original 3 records created before the column was switched to “Row Owner”, but when i create a new record it doesnt show.

What I can see in the database (sheet) is that the unique ID and the email of the current owner do go into it, but as soon as I flick in and out of the solution they just disappear, yet the other custom fields added in the Add form persist.

Its as if the security filtering is kicking in prior to the “On Submit” function, so the custom fields are save, but the two data fields generated when the on submit runs are not, even though you can see them in the sheet temporarily!

So I guess there is another way to add the current user email to an “Add” before the on submit.

Watched the security row owner video, but this does not show it.

Any clever sugestions. I guess it is something very simple.

Now when

OK, now I am getting the hang of this.

So I will answer my own question.

When adding a record, you need to add these as special values in the form components. They do not appear on the form. I guess this adds them to the row on creation, rather than on submit, so this is how glides security works. At on Submit its probably too late!!!.

So I will remove them from the on submit.

Hope thats helpful to anyone else getting confused with the same thing!!!

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