Row contious record keeping

The Problem: Running out of rows keeping records…

The Setup: Admin controls the transfer of points to a list of 1000 names and growing. An add row action is used for each recorded points transfer. Includes Name, Date, Points Amount, Unique Id.
(I know I could keep a running tally but I need the individual records to be searchable later in an inline list.)

Potential Solution: Is it possible to create a dynamic set of joined lists for the 1000 names and have each transfer add to the joined lists respectively? And then unpack the joined list into an inline list when called on to search a specific name?..or is this just wishful thinking lol

i’m not sure if i understand correctly…
but, you can join columns with templet and then you can filter that column with condition if included in that column… this way you can filter whole row in one condition

The issue I’m facing is trying to keep the points transfer near instant in-app.

If I archive the records in some way i.e. appscript or Integromat I’ll have to introduce spreadsheet formula which will slow down the in-app response time.

do you mean you have more rows than app limit?

Correct. On pace to consume more than 25k+ rows in ~6 months. (With this feature alone)

check how i solve this problem in my app… 164 thousands rows!
it might not work correctly because is over 1000 limit of edits now

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It is brilliant! I think I am doing something similar for other aspects of my app.

If you were to add a word to the dictionary how soon could you have it show up in an inline list? What’s important to me is that rollup of new points totals happens instantly.

The search time of those records (~15 seconds) I could live with… but new record entries and rollups need to be instant. Doable?

is instant in GS… to show-up in Glide up to 5 sec