Rollup Unique User Id values

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This screenshot is from a table called Payments [It is populated via a zap when someone makes a new payment. It populates their wallet balance and their User ID (User Table - Row ID) ]


I then have a relation to in the User ID and then a Lookup Wallet balance and Roll Up in the users table. When the same user top ups their wallet (The same USER ID) more than once, how can I get it so that the Wallet Balance in the User table is a sum of all the top ups they did?

Hopes that makes sense?


You don’t need a Lookup. Just make sure the Rollup column uses the relation you already created, and perform the rollup through that relation. Also change your relation to a multiple relation.

It dosent let me choose the relation in the payments table or in the users column…

Ahh nevermind…got it…Thanks alot mate!

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