Roles as Row Owner in Pages

Hi all, I’m working on an app in Pages that will require role-based security. I’m having trouble getting the list on a Page to display data even though I have assigned myself the role assigned as the “row owner”. Has anyone else had trouble with roles as row owners in Pages?

You have imposed a filter?

…and do you have this problem in the builder or after publishing?
Or in both cases?

I think the issue was that I needed to refresh the page. I also ran into trouble with the form by trying to add the user’s role to a new item by hiding the field, as opposed to adding the user’s information through the data field tab.

Related question though: I have a collection that needs to be protected with role-based row owners. It looks like a user with a role that doesn’t yet have data in that collection cannot add items to the collection. Is this the way it has to be?