Returns math columns to ZERO automatically!

Hey all,

I really need your help.

I’ve created math columns representing rewards in golds and diamonds for my students. Once a user has answered a question, he/she will be rewarded automatically and it all set. My question is, is there any way around to make these columns zero golds and diamonds once they receive their rewards? other than deleting them on google sheet manually?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Glide cannot do this yet.

As usual, thank you for your quick reply. God bless you david.

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Is the reward points to students stored in a user-specific column or do you have another set up?

@david - “…yet.”
Me - :partying_face:

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Glide can’t do everything yet :wink:


I would think there could be a “reward received” button that is tied an increment action, where that increment value is the negative amount of items received.

Almost can do it @david!!

All what we need could be this:

We have talked about it here before User-Specific Column - Reset to Default


They are user specific. I reward them every two weeks then start over. I rather make it start over by itself by clicking on an option better than every two weeks I need to clean up the entries to start calculating.

That would be amazing to have such an option.

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This is good too especially if the increment applies on entire columns to make it zero.