Reset the values...?

The video explains it all…

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Take a look at this thread. Hopefully it’s self explanatory.


Hey, Jeff would you be able to help me out, man. I just cannot seem to figure this out. :confused:

Where are you getting stuck? You may have to change some things around. I’m not sure my method will work well with a checklist because checking a box won’t call an action. What I’m imagining that the user’s could click on an item and set a unique id that maybe exists in their user profile row. The logic would check if the unique ID set on the item matches the unique ID in their user profile. Once their order is complete, then you would update the unique ID in the user profile sheet so it no longer matches the unique ID on the individual items.

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no is not! is not giving solution, is asking for help to solve that problem

@Uzo Ok, but in the other thread you mentioned you were looking for methods to reset a value in multiple rows without any scripting. The linked solution I provided above is the only I know of to do what you want. The trick is not to change a value in multiple child rows. It’s to change a value in a single parent row.

this method i figured out long time ago… I’m looking for trick to actually write value to selected rows, so other users can see that change, if only Glide would have action like that… wow!
right now, i’m joining row numbers for selected rows, and than using script, split it and writing values to that rows… but this have a delay and users can still access these rows and create problems… lol

Got it. There is currently no way to modify multiple rows at once through a multiple relation. The only option I can think of is to write a joined list of all the child items to the parent row or some other sheet, then change the unique ID to break the relation and make it ready for the next order.

yep, thats what i’m workin on now, but this is a messy workaround

i thing i found solution for this…
you need to use users sheet, and every time, user check out the cart, join new items to user profile column and then use IF to check if items in cart are included in user profile joined column… i think this will work!

Hey, man thank-you for the help. So far I have tried all of the two following suggestions and it just isn’t hitting the mark. I am still working out my schema. I tell you what if I could trigger an action from another that would solve it. As I have one that does the trick as long as you’re on the page as Jeff mentioned. Your method was just the same as far as a similar solution goes.

This technic is just to prevent users from editing the cart, until script will update Glide servers

i did it! works without scripts… lol i’m so happy!
you can try my App, you have to sign in to check out shopping cart… restaurants there are fake, so there is no consequences to proceed orders… for now it is just a demo app

i’m so happy… going to get drunk!!! i never thought it is possible :smile: