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I would love to get some suggestions on how to best format my booking app.

Context: I am building an advanced management & booking app for a football center.

Problem: I am having a hard time trying to set validations on available times, depending on the reservation type. (e.g., Full field or half field).

If the user selects “half field” at 10AM, I would like the system to show one more slot if any other user wants to reserve the other half. If a user selects “full field”, then I would like to fully reserve that hour!

Ask: Do you have any recommendations on how to set this up on the backend?

Thanks so much in advance!

I would have a numerical value to represent “how much” that slot has been booked.

Say for any bookings, “half field” would return 0.5, and “full field” returns 1 in an If-Then-Else column.

For new bookings, use a custom form. Validate the choice against the list of your existing bookings. Use a query to look for the same time slot that the user is choosing, and a rollup to sum the value above.

If the sum is 0, allow them to book both types. If the sum is 0.5, allow them to book a half field, if the sum is 1, don’t allow them to book.

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This is brilliant - thank you @ThinhDinh! I will give it a try and post here once I test it.

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You would also need a custom form to validate it, not a normal form.