Repeting and annoying error in the editor "Glide has encountered a problem".!

I’ve been working in my app for 2 months with this issue and in many ocassions I have submit a support case directly to glide I have recived no responses so far, even thougth I pay every single month something like $40 for a pro plan… I’m very dissapointed with your customer service and planning to move out to Bubble…

This error ocurrs every 30 min almost in my glide editor, so I have to restart it every time… :point_down:

Video: The error appears at min 1:53

Can someone from Glide can help me with this?? Thanks!!

Hey @App_Amazoniko_Proces. Thanks for your patience. Let’s take a look at this for you. Circling in the talented @SantiagoPerez and @George-Glide from our support team. We’ll look to get this addressed.

I see that your IF column has a lot of values that are not set. Do you consistently have the error when you open this IF column, or is it random when you get the error?

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