Remove 'if' conditional without removing entire action sequence

Sometimes I find that I have an action sequence that begins with a conditional statement (if-else), and then later I decide that I no longer need it. Problem is, if I delete the conditional then the whole sequence below it also gets blown away. This behaviour probably makes sense for any ‘else’ branches in the sequence - as deleting the conditional leaves everything below it orphaned.

But in the case of the root node of the action, it should be possible to delete the ‘if’ conditional whilst leaving the action sequence below it intact.

Anyone else relate to this?



I agree with you on this but if the “if” doesn’t matter just leave it or change it to something thats always true to prevent the extra work.

yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing (but it’s a hacky workaround)

true,but it’s all we got :frowning:

Rather than deleting the IF, remove the condition inside of the IF and it will go away without destroying the following actions.


You can also drag and drop actions, so first make sure all actions you want to keep are part of the primary IF and the other ELSEIF and ELSE conditions have been removed.


oh dear… excuse me whilst I find a hole to crawl into :crazy_face:



Specifically about the drag & drop, does anyone experience a situation where you have too many ifs and the screen is not big enough to display them all? I don’t think there’s a horizontal scrolling option.

Not exactly that, but I’ve encountered several situations in the data editor where edit boxes or other components “escape” outside the boundaries of my screen. My goto workaround is to go full screen and then zoom out (‘CMD -’ on a Mac) as much as is necessary.

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Yes. There is horizontal scrolling. Windows

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Do you have horizontal scrolling on Mac? I’m on Chrome - Mac, might have to check again.

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Actually yes, in the action builder 2 finger horizontal scrolling works using the touchpad.
Same, Chrome on Mac

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Thanks a lot Darren, I’ll try tomorrow. I disabled the touchpad a long time ago as it caused some errors on my old Mac haha.

haha, I’ve always been a mouse guy. But mine died a month or so ago and I couldn’t be bothered buying a new one. So I’ve been forcing myself to learn how use the touchpad :grinning:

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