Hey guys,

Sorry for the double post but hopefully it’s worth it for a fresh start and big update for

So I thought it would be a good time to launch v2.0 to coincide with winning a prize in the AI challenge recently, with a whole new website design , app design and lots of new features.

Let’s start with the new website design(built using Framer). A much more modern sleek design compared to the original that was designed using the AI tool in Framer. This time I went with a customised template and I’m much happier with the outcome.

Ok , next the updated UI/UX for the app itself & also at a new url -

Lots of features to cover so here we go :

  • Sleek new layout with the menu bar on top rather than side and white as the main colour rather than accent.
  • Card layout for each container
  • #Recordings count on the homepage
  • New To-Do list functionality on the notes page to add more functionality with “Completed Tasks” section
  • Add a new note/recording from the Notes page
  • Transcripts are now Grammar Corrected automatically
  • Each note has an AI generated headline
  • Summaries now refer to the note as “your note” rather than “the speaker”
  • Teacher Summary Style now focuses more on brainstorming to generate a lesson rather than summarise a lesson after the fact , although both still work.
  • Ask a question feature is more accurate in its responses to saved notes.

Lots of other UX improvements in the flow improving starting from recording and moving to saved note/tasks & chat.

I’ve got some updated promo images as well below that will be going out this week if you follow me on Twitter , sorry I mean on X here.

I think there’s a lot more continuity now between the app design and the website which wasn’t the case previously.

We recently hit 55 signups but would love to reach 100 so if anyone is interested please join HERE. First 10 recordings are FREE to try out.

AND FINALLY , for anyone who is signed up already and wants to avail of a LIFETIME offer , you can sign up at the link for a one time €39 fee - LIFETIME OFFER

Thanks for the support so far and if anyone has any questions , just hit me up!


I’m interested in Framer. Do you have a recommended course where a completely new user can take it? How do you view its capabilities compared to Glide?

Their own video tutorials are really good as a starting point & lots on YouTube also : Framer: Learn

Its more of a website/landing page builder than an app builder like Glide but the UI is very similar so I imagine it wouldn’t take too long for you to get used to it. Lots of dragging and dropping sections as well makes it super easy.

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Thank you, I highly appreciate it. You have a great product!

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Much appreciated.

If you need any help , just let me know.

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