Recurring events on calendar: Update?

Hi guys,

I know there have been a few posts about this topic, but has there been any new updates/workarounds/integrations etc to allow users to create recurring events on the mobile calender?

I need users to set reminders for daily, weekly and monthly tasks, it just seems overly complex to set up?

No, you would still need Call API or a third-party solution to create multiple rows for now.

Is it the reminders you are aiming for or the reoccurring calendar events? As long as those events would be on the same day of the week, every week, at the same time of day… I might be able to assist.

Just not exactly sure what you’re wanting it to do exactly. Could you provide some more info about the goal here? @Nathan_M

Hey thanks for the question.

So use case:

  • User has a recurring medication treatment (Weekly/Daily/monthly)

Lastly, I would like for a notification if possible to appear when a calendar event is triggered or is close to triggering.

If you have a workaround that would be amazing!

I would still lean towards the same solution I mentioned in the first comment. Basically you would have a “start date”, a “schedule”, and you send it to Make/Zapier, creating rows as needed in a Schedule table that would look like this.

Email Date Notification 18 Jun 2024 Lorem ipsum 25 Jun 2024 Lorem ipsum 2 Jul 2024 Lorem ipsum

Then add a new Make scenario to poll this table everyday, and check which rows match today’s date, send the email notification to those emails.

You would also need to have an “end date”, or know how many iterations your schedule will run before it stops, to put a limit to the number of rows you add when you add a new schedule to the table.

I think the reoccurring medication schedule can be done for sure. As for the notification upon the calendar event, are you wanting it to automatically notify them as it approaches or are you saying that it can send a notification upon creating/completing that scheduled treatment?