Real emails addresses vs virtual ones


If I set an app to virtual email addresses :

  1. will I have an option to download the user’s real emails at one point for email marketing etc if I have the user’s consent for those actions ?
  2. Will I be able to send the real emails to another service thru Zapier or Make ?
  3. If I create a form that sends an email to the user’s email address, will the virtual one be used or the real one ?

I understand the benefit of this virtual email address and I want to use it, but I would like to know the limitations it has for those particular scenarios.


No, because you will never see that real email, unless you ask the user to type that in themselves in another field.

As you never see the real email, then no.

You don’t see the real email, so I assume that’s the virtual one, and I doubt that works.


@ThinhDinh thanks for the detailed response … Now I know what to do …real email addresses :)) … but I really don’t see the point for the virtual emails option … maybe just for people that want to create apps for the wrong reasons … if this option would be like a security option to hide them on the database and be able to use them later in those scenarios, that would be a great way to do it … otherwise , for someone who wants to create an app for the long term with a good marketing plan in place etc… there isn’t any value in that option.

I wouldn’t see that as a “choice” to build, more like a stage that you have to comply with when you haven’t upgraded to Pro.

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