Rank Date

Does it go through if you put the EC value in a template column??

It does show in the builder, but not passed to the webhook @Manu.n.

Any columns that rely on the YC all appear empty @Santiago_Perez1.

Theoretically I can try set that YC value to a user-specific column and use that USC column to pass to the webhook, but when I try it it still did not work.

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Well, I don’t know if it’s related.
But be aware that there is currently a bug for the use of YC columns in an action.
At the moment, the only way this works is to display the column on the same page as the action.
I already gave Mark a little review

I made you a little demo video

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I just checked with a WebHook action, and that’s exactly it.
if the YC column is not displayed, nothing is sent to the webhook


Oh wow it has to be visible on screen?

Yes :smiley:

You need to read the fine print :wink:

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thank you for your clarification.
But according to mark, it should work now, well almost :slight_smile:


I’m waiting to know if it worked for @ThinhDinh

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It works!!!

I put a text component on the screen and hide it using visibility conditions. Webhook can read the data.


Curious, I had tried the hidden text component and it didn’t work at the time.
If it works like this, that’s great


Merci manu c’est top!

One question though, would it be possible to do multiple ranking in a sheet let’s say for rows that share a same index but for exemple with different dates.
For exemple you have 10 rows with index 1 (and 10 different dates) , 5 rows with index 2 (and of course 5 different dates) etc …

This would enable to have a YC column that would do multiple ranking based on an index and the date for same index rows.
Merci et c’est cool de voir tous ce que tu produits pour la communauté.
Marc Olivier

PS : le but est de réaliser une colonne YC pouvant classer toute une feuille mais auparavant en séparant les index et classant pour chaque index identique les dates de la ligne attenante.

Give me a little time to think.

Basically the basic data would be like that?


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Here I did that.
A rank date according to an index

Note that we cannot have an empty index or a date.

Tell me if that answers your question?

YC Link


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looks great, merci manu YODA je regarde ça lundi :grinning:

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Hola @Manu.n

I can see you use the date format dd/mm/yyyy like any person in Latin America. May you test a possible bug I found with this format when anyone tries to write/change the hour in GDE manually?

1)- Create this 2 columns and write these values please


  1. Later, try to change the time value in any row. I’m going to change the value 12:40:00 to 1:30:00
    As you can see, the Date is 03/08/2021 (dd/mm/yyyy) and has to be read as 03 de Agosto de 2021 because my Regional Settings were set to work different to US format.


  1. but, when the new time value is set, the Month and Day were switched and the new Date is totally wrong!!. Glide thinks that March is August now and many problem begin


  1. If you change any value (time) again, Glide switches again Month/Day and everything looks fine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To sum up my problem: try to modify a time value manually in GDE when a user has a Date-Time format different to US format can cause problems. The problem begins when Month and Day are <=12 and are together in the same value.

Can you test and replicate this issue please?

Thanks a lot!


Hello @gvalero
yes i have the same problem.
the date column is a little capricious, even annoying.
To modify the time of an existing date, I retype the complete date in “us”.

I use editing in the Data editor as little as possible.

I invite you to make a small topic with this bug :slight_smile:


I just wanted to confirm this issue with someone using the Date format different to US format.

I was creating my own Date Rank YC but testing and writing the data manually it drove me crazy :woozy_face:

Gracias @Manu.n

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Sometimes can you test this RankDate because i did some tips and stuff to be compatible with dates but not sure if it works with your date format.