Random sort

I want to generate a random tip. But every time I go to the tab it is the same row. What triggers the shuffle? thank you

Hi Kim,

How are you currenly setting the formula for the “random tip” in your data? Can you give us some screenshots?

Make a list on a different tab. That list should be your tips. The cell that displays the tip just needs to randomize those for you. Lets say cell A2 on sheet1 is the cell displayed in the app. Page 2 could have a list of tips. Lets say that list is cells A2 through A15. The cell A2 on sheet 1 would read:


Everytime the sheet is edited the tip will change.

You could also use the date and time to randomize throughout the day. Here is a link to a similar issue I resolved.

That is the question…how does the sheet get edited. If the Detail layout is sheet2, how do you make a change to sheet1. Can you make a button to do that? Thank you

Whenever anyone submits data to the sheet. you can do this by making areas editable to your users, a form they fill out, etc.